Thursday, October 30, 2008

Practise the Ideal

Next: - Ask not anything in return for your love.

  • There is no chance of asking anything in return for my love. I can’t afford to sell my love. I can’t degrade myself so down.

I needn’t think about economy; or my investments of time and money, etc.

Next better ideal from the above one will be “Ask nothing!”. Live it.

Next: - The first sign of love is when love asks nothing, (when it) gives everything.

Next: - “Give everything”.

  • Sometimes I need to work really hard to give.

  • As I’ve been working to spread the sayings of Vivekananda, hence,

Next: - Work hard to give ‘Master’s sayings’ to others.

  • Now, I believe as if the above ideal is going to be my ideal for a long long time to come.


Today I’m ill. So let me get well first, and all things after that. So my ideal, “Get Well”.

  • Now I’m going to my next principle.

Because the best way to give Master’s sayings is to be what he wants us to be; to be the example; the living gospel; the personal magnetism, the personal touch; the Guru.

  • Read a speech of Master and search for an ideal to live.

Next: - The power of suffering is infinitely greater than the power of doing.

Next: - Be jealous of none.

  • After practising the above principle, I’m to search what else Master has said on “jealousy”, and practise those.

Next: - Jealousy is the root of all evil.

Next: - There must not be a shade of jealousy.

Next: - ……………………..not even a shade of jealousy.

I made a reading of some more sayings of Master on “jealousy”, and I think I'm done with the practice on 'jealousy' for the time being, move on............................

Next: - ..........................not even a shade of selfishness.

  • It's high time I must go and see what my Master says my work should be, my duty should be. Let me refer to the topic “Our Work, Our Duty...................”

Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle to live upto his own highest ideal and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.

Next: - Encourage everyone to live upto his own highest ideal.

Next: - Encourage Loyla (Loyla, Priyanka, Sonu, Patrick,............everyone) to live upto her own highest ideal and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.

  • And what are the ideals of Loyla,.........................I need to find it out. It's not that she should be having any fixed ones. She is young. And I need to even find out then and there what are her ideals.

  • Before you could encourage Loyla to live upto her highest ideal, you need to find out what her ideal is. You can know it from her words, eyes, smiles, etc. You needn't ask her what her ideal is.

  • So, find out what Loyla's ideal is and encourage her to.................................

  • And my ideal is to find out what's Priyanka's ideal is and then to encourage her to live upto that ideal and then I'm to strive to make that ideal as near as possible to truth.

  • Do not criticise or show her her faults, while encouraging her to.....................

  • And be careful not to judge any one from their mistakes, as they may be having money and wealth as their ideal.

  • When you start meditation, begin first with this thought (“Work hard at meditation.” ), and then meditate on your ideal.

  • Next: - (But I'll come back to the above ideal in future.)

    • Do not disturb, but help everyone to get higher and higher; include all humanity.

    • Do not disturb Priyanka, but help her to rise higher and higher.

    • Help her (Loyla) to get higher and higher.

    • Love can never disturb you. If you think so, you're wrong. If the thought of beloved is coming incessantly, let it come. It is far far better to stay in love like this than to think of any other trash.

    • I want Loyla to be fearless. How to make her be that? How to communicate this part of spirituality to her? I want to transmit some spirit of fearlessness, some thoughts on fearlessness to her. How to do that?

    I need to do this as I could find she has certain fear.

    “Now this knowledge, again, is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside; it is all inside. What we say a man "knows", should, in strict psychological language, be what he "discovers" or "unveils"; what a man "learns" is really what he "discovers", by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite nowledge.”

    So how to take this veil off?

    The veil will go off when I'll be unselfish; this veil will go off when I'll become pure.


    While reading the above speech, I was constantly thinking about Loyla, and applying, comparing her life with what Master says.

    Let me again search what Master has said on 'preaching', 'teaching', 'communicating', and like-wise.

    • Her soul is destined to be perfect. Don't think that anything will remain hidden from her. She will know everything.

    Her soul will attain to perfection in the end.

    Whatever she will be in future will be the result of what she thinks now. So find out how she can think positive, good thoughts, great thoughts. How I can give her positive thoughts, good thoughts.

    If I cannot speak good and positive words to Priyanka, I mustn't speak anything else.

    If you want her to know something or want her to realise something talk to her about that; you can even pursue her. But don't compel her. Begin the conversation.

    It's not that I can make her sit in front of me and start preaching Vivekananda, but I need to wait for the right opportunity to give the right message.

    It's not that I can preach her the highest truths straight. I need to be very very patient. To speak the highest truths, I need to build the foundation.

    She is what her thoughts have made her.

    Good acts will proceed out of good thoughts. So she need to take care of her thoughts, and she need to think holy and pure thoughts always.

    So how can I make her think such thoughts?

    I need to tell her that she has a soul, so also I and everyone. And that soul is all one, it is all related, so we are all one. Love comes out of the soul. So as we are all one, we need to love all, alike. We need to respect everyone. There is power in love, supreme power. And love always wins, and not hatred. And the person who hates us we need to forgive him/her, because it is always good to do that------------------you'll know why latter.

    I need not tell all these things at one go, as she is a school girl. I need to tell her one after another.

    Tell her that if she want happiness she need to constantly think holy and pure thoughts. Tell her that if she need success she need to constantly think holy and pure thoughts. Tell her that within her there is infinite power. And she can do anything. Tell her to believe in this.

    Her soul will only receive impulse from another soul AND FROM NOTHING ELSE.

    How to make her soul receive the impulse from my soul?

    Call her soul, call It again and again; tell It to wake up.

    Love will give that impulse to her soul. Surely I love her. (But that doesn't mean she is my girl-friend). I love her mean my soul love her soul. And this is the impulse the soul within her need.

    Let me repeat the question again, “How the soul within her will receive the impulse from the soul within me?”

    Do I possess the power to transmit spirituality to her? Can I transmit? Perfect unselfishness is necessary to transmit spirituality. There must not be any expectation of return or reward. There need to be abundance love for her.

    So my ideal is to love her, and to bring within her all the knowledge, and holiness and purity.

    Find out 'how to make her pure?'

    • Well the above question is non-sense on the face of it. Because our nature is purity. We are always pure. Only the cloud of impurity is over the soul, and it needs to be cleared. 'How to clear it?' is the next question. And another important question will be 'how she can manifest her soul power?'

    • How to make her reveal her real nature.


    The Vedas teach that the soul is divine, only held in the bondage of matter; perfection will be reached when this bond will burst, and the word they use for it is therefore, Mukti — freedom, freedom from the bonds of imperfection, freedom from death and misery.

    And this bondage can only fall off through the mercy of God, and this mercy comes on the pure. So purity is the condition of His mercy. How does that mercy act? He reveals Himself to the pure heart; the pure and the stainless see God, yea, even in his life; then and then only all the crookedness of the heart is made straight. Then all doubt ceases. He is no more the freak of a terrible law of causation. This is the very centre, the very vital conception of Hinduism.

    The Hindu does not want to live upon words and theories. If there are existences beyond the ordinary sensuous existence, he wants to come face to face with them. If there is a soul in him which is not matter, if there is an all-merciful universal Soul, he will go to Him direct. He must see Him, and that alone can destroy all doubts. So the best proof a Hindu sage gives about the soul, about God, is: "I have seen the soul; I have seen God." And that is the only condition of perfection. The Hindu religion does not consist in struggles and attempts to believe a certain doctrine or dogma, but in realising — not in believing, but in being and becoming.

    • She need to remain internally pure. I.e. think good and pure thoughts. Normally children do not think evil things, unless they learn from various sources.

    • A slight impurity in me will harm her.

    • If I want her to be pure, I need to keep myself absolutely pure.

    • Not only I need to keep myself pure only while with her but I need to remain pure always.

    Another thing to find out will be, “How to remain pure always?”

    • Master has never justified impurity. Impurity is never needed in our life. I'm not going to lose anything if I'll discard impurity forever.

    • The problem with rich people, it seems, that they do not need anything in life.

    • Let me go to the next ideal to practice.

    • Renunciation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practise the ideal

  • Next Practice: -

Do something for the nation, then they will help you, then the nation will be with you.

    1. What can I do for my nation?
    2. It is people who make a nation and not building and roads. The latter stuffs can be made by any government.

What can I do for my nation?

I’m trying to spread the sayings of my Master in whichever way I can. I’m trying to inspire people to live on the sayings of Vivekananda.

What else can I do for people of India through online?

First I need to find what I expect my fellow Indians to do?

No.1. They need to follow the godly teachings of Vivekananda.

I think this is all they need. And all other things will follow as an effect.

My educated brothers and sisters who are online are safe in other matters in comparison with those who lives in poor condition.

Let me think about first for these latter ones.

Instead of thinking in general, let me think of only one person, and think what I can do for him.

  • As I couldn’t decide anything sitting in this room, I’ll always look for an opportunity.

My Spoken English idea was better one.

  • Think of one person. Think what you can do for that one person.

Next Practice: -

‘Strengthen the “will power”’.

  • Start a new topic in blogger “Will Power”________Vivekananda.

Put it in

  • I’m putting aside this practice for the time being as I found there is nothing so important I’m willing now a day.

Next Practice: - “Love”

  • Peace is the reaction of love; blessedness is the reaction of love.
  • How love will come to our heart? How to love others?

What do we mean by ‘loving others’?

Next: - Love alone is the fittest thing to survive and not hatred.

  • ‘Love immense and infinite broad as the sky and deep as the ocean----------------------this is the one great gain in life. Blessed is he who gets it’.

How to have such love?

  • Love and ask nothing; love and look for nothing further.

Next: - Love and look for nothing further.

  • But I think I can not follow this because my question is ‘how to love?’, ‘how love will come into my heart?’

I can realise love when love comes into my heart. I know that that is love. But I do not know ‘how love comes?’ And ‘how to love?’

Next: - Ask not anything in return for your love.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Practise the ideal

  • Now my ideal is, “Do not think of the matter, think of the spirit”.

Latter: - Think of the spirit; and resist thoughts of matter.

Latter: - Think of spirit only. Think of spirit, see only spirit.

* Do not recognize anything in this universe but only the spirit.

* I’m facing difficulty in following this principle. I can not always think of spirit because other stupid thoughts are coming. But at least I can follow this “Only spirit exists”. I need to follow this and resist evil thoughts, and instead think of good and great thoughts.

* Spirit alone exists.

* Think of the spirit.

Initially I faced difficulty to follow this principle. But I’ve decided to do hard work in thinking, in following.

  • When I remember that I need to think about my ideal, i.e. “think of the spirit”, suddenly I find that in this universe everything is spirit, just everything. Every man is spirit, and everything he/she does is spirit. And then I find there is, as if, nothing else remained to think about. May God help me.
  • Sometimes it seems everything exists in this world except spirit. But the otherwise is true, i.e. nothing else exists but the spirit.
  • When we think about spirit, we find that everything is spirit. And we could say what to think of more. But for this we should not stop thinking about spirit. It is better to think about spirit than to think of trash.
  • I’ve been very insincere in following this principle. It’s not so easy to control mind to think only about spirit all the time.

I’m working really hard. And trying to think and see only ‘spirit’.

  • I am the Spirit and not the body, and that whole of this universe with all its relations, with all its good and all its evil, is but as a series of paintings, scenes on a canvas, of which I am the witness.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


  • Knowledge is strength, knowledge means perfect knowledge. A man of perfect knowledge never fails, never commits mistake, never get defeated. He lives a life of God. He never gets involve with trifles, and controversies.

You know that if you file a complaint against them (students) they could injure you, then why you want to get injured. Is getting injured is better than tolerance. But remember sometimes it is better to face death than to tolerate.

  • How do you know that! Only because you’ve kept yourself prepared for it; only because you already knew it before, you could come to know it, and understood it, when you find a so-called new word of Master.
  • Now my ideal is knowledge.

* I’m to follow ‘Knowledge is my goal’.

* I followed this for some days. And I worked on knowledge. I gave maximum time of mine in study.

* As “All knowledge depends upon calmness of the mind.” Therefore I must keep my mind calm always. Hence now my ideal is ‘keep the mind calm’.

* Now I’m learning how to keep my mind calm.

* Meditation helps to keep the mind calm.

* You will be calm when you will be perfectly unselfish. You will be calm when you will know the Oneness of the soul. You will be calm when you will know the Self. After knowing all this your heart will not react, anger will never enter into your heart, you will be always pure, and there by you will be calm.

* When the divine love comes, it results in perfect calmness.

* So long as you follow Master’s sayings you remain calm.

* Next-“Concentration of the mind is the source of all knowledge.”

What are the ways to develop concentration?

I’ll follow this latter.

*Next- Infinite knowledge abides within everyone in the fullest measure.

* Infinite knowledge abides within me in fullest measure.

* I need to meditate and continuously think this sentence for coming days.

* I need to believe it.

* Infinite knowledge also abides within others.

* If all knowledge is within us then why we study something? Do we gain knowledge or information from outside?

· Now I believe that infinite knowledge abides within me.

· Next: - I need to bring out this power, this power which I believe lie within me.

* If the question is ‘how to bring out this power?’, then answer will be: - If you believe this power is within you, you, too, can bring out this power.

· Knowledge does not come by sacrifice, but by seeking, worshiping, knowing the Atman.

Knowledge comes by seeking the Atman.

Knowledge comes by worshiping the Atman.

Knowledge comes by knowing the Atman.

  • Now my ideal is ‘All knowledge is within me’.

I believe it 100%

  • Now my ideal is ‘Knowledge comes by seeking the Atman’.

So let me seek the Atman.

Now my ideal is ‘Seek the Atman’ (the Self).

* Atman is within everyone.

* Master says that ‘This Atman you can never know’. Then how can I seek it if I cannot know it. Yet let me seek it, just for the sake of practicing my ideal.

  • When I deal with any person I must think that I’m dealing, talking with a Atman.
  • Anything that works against the Atman, I should ignore completely to that.
  • Before I seek the Atman, let me know the Atman.

The soul is by its nature pure and perfect, infinite in power and blessed.

The nature of the soul is pure.

‘The soul is pure.’ Let me make this my ideal for coming days.

  • Now I follows ‘The soul is perfect’.
  • Suddenly I changed my ideal. I said to myself, ‘Will you do one thing; just see Vivekananda within all-----------that’s all there is to do’.

Hence, “See Vivekananda within all.”

· As I see Vivekananda within all, I need to work for all these people by which they can manifest the Vivekananda within.

Hence let me follow any principle of ‘work’.

· ‘We must plunge heart and soul and body into the work.’

· ‘Plunge the heart into the work.’ This is the principle.

· Next ‘Plunge your body into the work.’

I must have a great devotion to this ideal, devotion not of the moment, but calm, persevering, and steady devotion…………

· Next ‘Plunge your soul into the work’.

· Now its time to change my principle. I think I lack unselfishness for last some months. Let me follow principles on ‘unselfishness’.

· Next ‘Unselfishness’.

· Unselfishness is not that I should not do anything for my improvement and goodness; but it mean that if I have one bread and if some one need this bread then I should give that to him, if he will accept with a happy heart. He must not scold me for taking him as a beggar. Unselfishness mean if I’m to think, I’m to think about the good of others first and if more time will be available I’m to think about my own good.

· If you will follow ‘unselfishness’, evil thoughts will hardly come and disturb you.

· To do good, perfect unselfishness is absolutely necessary.

· Follow ‘Become perfectly unselfish’.

· If you will become perfectly unselfish you will completely forget yourself. And this is (forget yourselves) necessary.

· The happiest moments we ever know are when we entirely forget ourselves.’

If you will become perfectly unselfish you will completely forget yourself. And once you completely forget yourselves, all moments of your will be turned into happiest moments.

‘Sacrifice everything for the good of others’.

First know what are his/her good and then what you can sacrifice for his/her good.

  • Every time you think about someone (and he could be inimical towards you) think what you can do for him, for his good; think what you can sacrifice for him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

  • I have the potential to not to let less-good thoughts enter into my mind, no matter how bad the temptation is. But if I will choose those…………just to experiment, then it’s my choice. And all the consequences these thoughts lead is also my choosing. Above all, I’m the Master of all.
  • Even I must not think about the less-good things which happens near the proximity of this body of mine; then forget about thinking about the less-good things which happens at any other place.
  • If I won’t follow my own sayings whole-heartedly, it does mean that I do not have faith on myself.
  • From now on I’ll consider all pleasure as poison. It’s also a big waste of time. Therefore I’ll run away from pleasure as if it’s a tiger. I’ll no more look at beauty and wealth.
  • If you are a man you should not have an ego. You should not fear to go to jail if you ever get implicated in false case.
  • Now if less-good things will come to me I will be happy; because that is a chance for me to practise my Master’s words.
  • I must have sympathy for all the people around. I have my Master’s Words with me; but they don’t have. I must blame myself for all my suffering. And I must hold myself responsible for all the sin of this world.
  • If I want to see everyone in this world as Swami Vivekananda, then I need to work really hard, in spreading the sayings of Master. This should be my major work.
  • Do not drag others down to where you are. Therefore do not talk of impurity but say that we are pure.
  • When I suffer, I must tolerate, even though GG members rejoice over such facts, I must not seek for material superiority, in fighting with those for whom I suffer. If they consider it to be their moral victory, yet let me bear, and I’m sure I’ll be nearer to Master by such attitude.
  • Do not take any decision immediately. Form questions and take your time to answer those questions, and to find out the truth.
  • If I think that writing something could cause embarrassment for others I should not write that.
  • I may be thinking of evil. But I’m no more going to talk of evil in blog, and at other places. I will try my best to avoid talking about evil while talking to my friends.
  • When I read a new saying of Master, a feeling, a fear comes to my heart, which says ‘Am I a damn ignorant yet; something new is still there…….’
  • I must not do anything contradictory to the teaching of the Master.
  • When you see a word of Master think that you are seeing the very God himself.
  • Remember people see Swami Vivekananda within you. So make sure they see Swami Vivekananda himself within you.
  • Had Viv been alive today, what would have been my relationship with him! Therefore be the Viv for others.
  • If you want to know Ram, then live like Ram, and do what Ram did.
  • Seek for the answer in the Word.
  • Man should not live for wealth and property, wealth and property is made for man.
  • Practice will give rise to wisdom.
  • Give up everything-------that’s it.
  • If you will curse God the God will not turned into a stone. The God will always remain God, whether you curse or millions of people curse.
  • If my Master says me to resist any thought of evil, I must obey it, no matter what happens. How can any evil thoughts come to my mind when I see only gods in all.