Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practise the ideal

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Do something for the nation, then they will help you, then the nation will be with you.

    1. What can I do for my nation?
    2. It is people who make a nation and not building and roads. The latter stuffs can be made by any government.

What can I do for my nation?

I’m trying to spread the sayings of my Master in whichever way I can. I’m trying to inspire people to live on the sayings of Vivekananda.

What else can I do for people of India through online?

First I need to find what I expect my fellow Indians to do?

No.1. They need to follow the godly teachings of Vivekananda.

I think this is all they need. And all other things will follow as an effect.

My educated brothers and sisters who are online are safe in other matters in comparison with those who lives in poor condition.

Let me think about first for these latter ones.

Instead of thinking in general, let me think of only one person, and think what I can do for him.

  • As I couldn’t decide anything sitting in this room, I’ll always look for an opportunity.

My Spoken English idea was better one.

  • Think of one person. Think what you can do for that one person.

Next Practice: -

‘Strengthen the “will power”’.

  • Start a new topic in blogger “Will Power”________Vivekananda.

Put it in http://meditation.blogspot.com.

  • I’m putting aside this practice for the time being as I found there is nothing so important I’m willing now a day.

Next Practice: - “Love”

  • Peace is the reaction of love; blessedness is the reaction of love.
  • How love will come to our heart? How to love others?

What do we mean by ‘loving others’?

Next: - Love alone is the fittest thing to survive and not hatred.

  • ‘Love immense and infinite broad as the sky and deep as the ocean----------------------this is the one great gain in life. Blessed is he who gets it’.

How to have such love?

  • Love and ask nothing; love and look for nothing further.

Next: - Love and look for nothing further.

  • But I think I can not follow this because my question is ‘how to love?’, ‘how love will come into my heart?’

I can realise love when love comes into my heart. I know that that is love. But I do not know ‘how love comes?’ And ‘how to love?’

Next: - Ask not anything in return for your love.