Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Next----Give spiritual help to others.

How to help her grow spiritually?

next:- Spirituality is the true basis of all our activities in life.

A spiritually strong person is strong and sound in every  other field.

How can one become spititual unless he renounces.

How to observe spirituality ? It is by staying pure both internally and externally.

If spirituality is the true basis of all our activities in life then why should I not work hard, extremely hard to become stronger and stronger spiritually.

So spirituality must be given the first priority in compare to all other things.

My aim is spirituality , my ideal is spirituality. And my research is spirituality.

I have stopped meditation for quite some months, so now I must resume. And every evening after cricket at the beach I need to meditate at the beach after walk.

Monday, April 26, 2010

  • Bold words and bolder deeds are what we want. I'm the spirit; nothing can kill me. I dare to believe in truth. I dare to practise the truth. And the truth is that I'm the Atman, and Atman alone lives. And all other things are absolutely unreal like a dream. I'm the spirit whom nothing can kill. I'm absolute; infinitely pure, infinitely perfect.

  • Atman alone exists, nothing else exists.

  • Next : - It's all one.

  • Each single person you see on this earth is part of your own body, is part of yourself. So just forget yourself and think of the other person who is not other but you yourself.

  • All anger will vanish when you will know that it's all one; all hatred ness will vanish when you will know that it's all one; all fear will vanish when you will know that it's all one.

  • Next : -

  • Atma, the only Reality
    Atma is divine, Atman is holy, Atman is absoloute, ........call it, call it up. Tell it to wake up.

  • Nokolas and Gayeel are not the body, but the Atman. Have faith on Atman-------this is the commandment of Master; obey it!

  • All love is in the Atman. Do you know what love is? It is love which makes one person sacrifice himself for another. It is love which made Jesus sacrifice his life for us.
    All love is within all human beings. Yes, that Love, that Love is within all of us, whether great or small, white or black. That love which forgives everything, yes everything, that love which all the wealth of this world can't buy is within the Atman.

  • See the Atman and call it up. Because that Atman is you yourself, it's your very own, though it's in other body. Can there be any difference.

  • Have faith on Atma. Sacrifice everything to wake it up.

  • Just see the spirit, and see nothing else.

  • I'm spirit, you are spirit, and this spirit is one. Everything else is absolutely unreal like a dream.

  • Next : -
    How to be unattached to the work I do?
    You do some work. But If you will wait for the fruits, for name, fame, wealth and recognition, rewards, you becomes attached to that work. And attachment is terrible. Therefore to not to get attached devote yourself to most unselfish work, give everything to the needy, desire nothing, ask nothing, seek no wealth and stick to other such virtues.
    Work as if you were a stranger in this land, a sojourner
    Work like an impersonal entity.
    BE ‘UNATTACHED’; let things work; let brain-centers work; work incessantly, but let not a ripple conquer the mind. Work as if you were a stranger in this land, a sojourner; work incessantly, but do not bind yourselves; bondage is terrible.

  • You can be unattached by giving everything to others in need.

Monday, July 20, 2009

  • Next : - Renounce all senses.

    Along with it one saying on 'meditation' while meditating.

  • Renounce all the senses and go on thinking holy thoughts.

  • Next : - Think only pure thoughts.

  • Is it really possible to think only pure thoughts always.

    Let me see.

  • Next : - Do what truth says you to do.

  • To be a rationalist requires more than unbelief. You must be able not only to reason, but also to follow the dictates of your reason. If reason tells you that this body is an illusion, are you ready to give it up? If reason tells you that heat and cold are mere illusions of your senses; are you ready to brave these things? If reason tells you that nothing that the senses convey to your mind is true, are you ready to deny your sense perception? If you dare, you are a rationalist.

  • Practise the truth.

  • Never any more impurity come over you. Die even now but don't impure yourself with impure thoughts.

  • I'm omniscient as I'm the Atman. Eliminate all things which obstructs in soul-manifestation.

  • Next : - I'm omniscient as I'm the Atman.

  • If there is nothing better to think about should I think about matter, should I think about other non-sense! No. I must think only the pure thoughts.

  • I'm omniscient. All knowledge is there within me. Absolute purity will bring it out. Staying pure always is like keeping yourself always ready for the best.

  • I'm eternal.

  • I'm Atman, I'm omniscient. Think of this day by day, believe it day by day, and you will get stronger day by day.

  • I'm suffering because of my thoughts. I'm suffering because I couldn't control my thoughts absolutely. My thoughts make me miserable.

  • I'm unchangeable.

  • My mind is a rascal, my mind is a devil. It's not fully under my control.

  • When you will realise that you are Atman, and that this body is just nothing in compare to the Atman, then meanness will vanish from your life.

  • I'm eternally pure; I'm eternally perfect.

  • When I says 'I'm', it is not at all this body. 'I'm' is Atman, and it's there in the body of Priyanka, it's there in the body of everyone I could see............and everyone I could think about....................

  • To make the best use of this body, to defeat the evil doers, I need to have a lot of muscle power. Moral power I have it. Sincerely I need to work to have great muscle power. Each day I need to grow a little bit. Do not keep this body in comfort. Make it an instrument of protection in this country full of criminals.

  • See nothing in others except Atman; everything else is just ignorance and Maya.

  • They are terrorizing me because they see me physically weak.

    And weakness is sin.

  • They are cowards. And cowards sin. So to prevent these cowards from committing crime is by making yourself physically strong.

  • However we may receive blows, and however knocked about we may be, the Soul is there and is never injured, because the soul is immortal, infinite and all-powerful.

  • I'm Atman (soul), the unchangeable, eternal Atman, the spirit, the living Christ within; and this Atman is all-powerful, it is omniscient. All knowledge is within me..................

  • Absolute mental purity---------------------go on thinking holy thoughts.

  • Not controlling the thoughts is materialism.

    I must control my mind every second. If I will not do it, I'm insincere and a hypocrite. I'm not fit to be a disciple of my Master. It's hard, extremely hard. But there is no way other than this. I must never let it get impure. It's pretty comfortable to let the mind go unfettered, unchaste and to think any non-sense it likes.

    Get out of this comfort.

    Work hard, work hard in controlling mind.

  • Now I'm struggling; struggling every moment to ignore the external world and to think about Atman only.

  • I'm Atman, you're Atman. And this Atman is One, absolute, perfect, unchangeable, unchanged. Therefore there is no difference between you and me. We are one.

  • Bold words and bolder deeds are what we want. I'm the spirit; nothing can kill me. I dare to believe in truth. I dare to practise the truth. And the truth is that I'm the Atman. And all other things are absolutely unreal like a dream. I'm the spirit whom nothing can kill. I'm absolute; infinitely pure, infinitely perfect.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

  • I must look at the positive side of each person. I must not recognise wickedness in others. I must not think of evil things. I must see the struggle of each person to get to truth; that each person thinks he/she is fighting the fight of justice; that each is right from their own point of view.

  • I must go to his/her level and give him/her a push upwards.

  • Meditation helps keep the mind pure.

  • Live for others.

Go to the stage where Sofia is and enter into her soul. Then meditate on her and grow from there. Search what Master has said to grow from where she is.

(comment : - Any way no question of entering into her soul arise as our soul is one; there is no two. What I mean to say 'feel yourself within her'').

  • Any way there is no difference between Sofia and me. Let me know myself. Let me conquer myself. Let me make my character-----------------------only after that I can serve Sofia.

Therefore let me continue practising my ideal one after another.

  • Next : - The soul alone lives.

  • Next : - Give up the idea of sex.

  • Next : - “Feel yourself in other bodies”.

    Feel yourself within Sebas...................

    Feel yourself within Priyanka.

    Know that Priyanka is nobody but you yourself. You are not watching any other person in Priyanka but just yourself. Go to her level and give her a push upwards.

  • Next : - Give up the world.

  • Next : - Meditate on your nature. Your nature is pure. You are the Atman. Always think about this Atman. Let this be your ideal for a long long time.

  • Matter is not Atman. When you see matter, do not think of Atman.

  • I'm as It Is. The Infinite. The All-powerful. I was never born. I'm not going to die. I'm the Almighty.; the Omniscient.

  • Always think about this Atman, then you'll give respect to others, then you'll not recognise wickedness in others, because others are nothing but the Atman.

There is no pain for me, there is no misery for me.

I'm the Atman. Let me not care this shit of the emotion when it reacts when someone tease me calling a dog. Let me not even think about any evil. That's non of my business. I need not identify myself with anything but Atman. No ego. Let my body suffer, let me suffer when I'm tortured in emotion and ego. I must not think about evil. I must obey my Master in this regard. Let me get cheated thousand times. So what! Let this body die, so what! When I suffer let me blame myself and try to do better.

  • I don't care whether a soul is here in this body or not. But the soul is there which is God. Let me trust it. All knowledge is there. Let me think about the Atman.

  • How to realise the Atman?

  • How realisation comes?

  • Realisation comes by thinking. Therefore think about Atman always.

  • I'm searching Atman. I'm thinking about Atman always. What could be this Atman?

  • Think about the Atman. But do not consider and think Atman to be made of any material thing. Do not imagine it as matter. This Atman is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

    In other words it is GOD.

  • I'm omnipresent. Others are not others; they are just me myself. As I do not identify myself with my body, so also I must not identify them with their body. Because they are not their body. Their sin is the result of their ignorance.


I'm perfect.

  • Next : - I'm Atman. Atman is omnipresent. Atman is All-powerful.

  • Next : - Now I'm just thinking about this Atman.

  • Who is Sebas. Sebas is the Atman. His nature is so glorious that even millions of stars and planets are nothing compare to him. He is the PURE, GLORIOUS, The Perfect; he is LOVE. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

    When you see him, think of this. Because he is that.

  • I don't care what happens to this shit of this body, if it dies after five minutes let it die. But I'm immortal, as I live in the Atman, in all the human beings on this earth.

  • Next : - Only he who is perfectly unselfish can be a Guru.

  • Be perfectly unselfish.

  • How to be perfectly unselfish?

    I need to see Swami Vivekananda within all.

  • Sebas is the Atman. All glory is there, all perfection is there, all knowledge is there. The Atman just need an impulse to wake up. Can I be that! Perfect unselfishness is absolutely necessary to give that impulse.

  • If you'll become perfectly unselfish, you'll not seek pleasure and comfort; you'll forget yourself, and will work.

  • Next: - Nature is a book which the soul is to read to gain knowledge. This is the only work of nature.

  • Take a very very high stand. This world is a child's play. Look at it with calm complacency. You are a witness------------this world is a painting exhibition.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

  • Let me go to the next ideal to practice.

  • Renunciation.

  • I pointed to that food : - Shall I take that? Why? (This “Why” need to be asked for everything the senses approach). If the only thing for which I should go for that is pleasure then I must not go for that. Because Master has never said us to seek sense pleasure. It is not needed for any thing whatsoever. Well once in a year is ok.

  • Renunciation is of the mind. Don't even think about things which wanted to be renounced.

  • Renunciation is controlling mind, thoughts, feelings absolutely, every minute.

  • Renunciation is of the mind. Not to even open the mind to those things which are to be renounced. And always to be thought of others good.

  • You see I can work on something only by giving up other things. If I want to grow I must renounce.

  • Do not think of yourself.

    And what to think you know.

  • Next : - Think good thoughts (and keep reading and meditating on what Master has said on 'Meditation')

  • Renounce all less-good thoughts once and for all.

  • I've renounced listening music.

    But after one hour or so of writing the above sentence suddenly I'm listening my favourite bollywood songs.

  • Renounce thinking non-sense thoughts and think only good thoughts and pure thoughts.

  • Renounce the nonsense of the senses.

  • I'm just an witness to the senses. I see how they work, and react. Yet I'm the Lord over them. I know when to nip it in the bud. Let it suffer. I'm the Master over it, and over everything. I've absolute control over it. And I know how to eliminate these non-sense of my senses.

    Next: Keep your senses under severe surveillance.

  • Placing your senses under severe surveillance means analyzing the thought process when a desire comes to heart, when someone hurts you; when someone whom I love dearly dies, etc. Watch your senses.

  • A life of perfect renunciation will be “complete self-discipline”, “complete self-control”.

  • Read what Master says on self-control.

  • Purity of the mind must be insisted upon if you would control it.

  • How to keep the mind pure?

  • The mind remains pure when we devote it solely in to thinking about others good. And not just the mind, but soul and body also.

    The mind becomes impure when I think about my enemies. Hence whenever I need to think about my enemies, I need to think what I can do to make them benefited.

  • Hence continuously think about others and how you can do good to them.

  • Let these people be your God--------------think of them, work for them, pray for them incessantly---------------the Lord will show you the way.

  • I've been thinking about anyone and everyone for the last two days. But then I thought should I think about one person or any person whom my mind could think..................Well then I concluded that let me think about anyone who comes to my mind.