Wednesday, February 18, 2009

  • Let me go to the next ideal to practice.

  • Renunciation.

  • I pointed to that food : - Shall I take that? Why? (This “Why” need to be asked for everything the senses approach). If the only thing for which I should go for that is pleasure then I must not go for that. Because Master has never said us to seek sense pleasure. It is not needed for any thing whatsoever. Well once in a year is ok.

  • Renunciation is of the mind. Don't even think about things which wanted to be renounced.

  • Renunciation is controlling mind, thoughts, feelings absolutely, every minute.

  • Renunciation is of the mind. Not to even open the mind to those things which are to be renounced. And always to be thought of others good.

  • You see I can work on something only by giving up other things. If I want to grow I must renounce.

  • Do not think of yourself.

    And what to think you know.

  • Next : - Think good thoughts (and keep reading and meditating on what Master has said on 'Meditation')

  • Renounce all less-good thoughts once and for all.

  • I've renounced listening music.

    But after one hour or so of writing the above sentence suddenly I'm listening my favourite bollywood songs.

  • Renounce thinking non-sense thoughts and think only good thoughts and pure thoughts.

  • Renounce the nonsense of the senses.

  • I'm just an witness to the senses. I see how they work, and react. Yet I'm the Lord over them. I know when to nip it in the bud. Let it suffer. I'm the Master over it, and over everything. I've absolute control over it. And I know how to eliminate these non-sense of my senses.

    Next: Keep your senses under severe surveillance.

  • Placing your senses under severe surveillance means analyzing the thought process when a desire comes to heart, when someone hurts you; when someone whom I love dearly dies, etc. Watch your senses.

  • A life of perfect renunciation will be “complete self-discipline”, “complete self-control”.

  • Read what Master says on self-control.

  • Purity of the mind must be insisted upon if you would control it.

  • How to keep the mind pure?

  • The mind remains pure when we devote it solely in to thinking about others good. And not just the mind, but soul and body also.

    The mind becomes impure when I think about my enemies. Hence whenever I need to think about my enemies, I need to think what I can do to make them benefited.

  • Hence continuously think about others and how you can do good to them.

  • Let these people be your God--------------think of them, work for them, pray for them incessantly---------------the Lord will show you the way.

  • I've been thinking about anyone and everyone for the last two days. But then I thought should I think about one person or any person whom my mind could think..................Well then I concluded that let me think about anyone who comes to my mind.