Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Practise the ideal

  • Now my ideal is, “Do not think of the matter, think of the spirit”.

Latter: - Think of the spirit; and resist thoughts of matter.

Latter: - Think of spirit only. Think of spirit, see only spirit.

* Do not recognize anything in this universe but only the spirit.

* I’m facing difficulty in following this principle. I can not always think of spirit because other stupid thoughts are coming. But at least I can follow this “Only spirit exists”. I need to follow this and resist evil thoughts, and instead think of good and great thoughts.

* Spirit alone exists.

* Think of the spirit.

Initially I faced difficulty to follow this principle. But I’ve decided to do hard work in thinking, in following.

  • When I remember that I need to think about my ideal, i.e. “think of the spirit”, suddenly I find that in this universe everything is spirit, just everything. Every man is spirit, and everything he/she does is spirit. And then I find there is, as if, nothing else remained to think about. May God help me.
  • Sometimes it seems everything exists in this world except spirit. But the otherwise is true, i.e. nothing else exists but the spirit.
  • When we think about spirit, we find that everything is spirit. And we could say what to think of more. But for this we should not stop thinking about spirit. It is better to think about spirit than to think of trash.
  • I’ve been very insincere in following this principle. It’s not so easy to control mind to think only about spirit all the time.

I’m working really hard. And trying to think and see only ‘spirit’.

  • I am the Spirit and not the body, and that whole of this universe with all its relations, with all its good and all its evil, is but as a series of paintings, scenes on a canvas, of which I am the witness.