Monday, July 20, 2009

  • Next : - Renounce all senses.

    Along with it one saying on 'meditation' while meditating.

  • Renounce all the senses and go on thinking holy thoughts.

  • Next : - Think only pure thoughts.

  • Is it really possible to think only pure thoughts always.

    Let me see.

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  • To be a rationalist requires more than unbelief. You must be able not only to reason, but also to follow the dictates of your reason. If reason tells you that this body is an illusion, are you ready to give it up? If reason tells you that heat and cold are mere illusions of your senses; are you ready to brave these things? If reason tells you that nothing that the senses convey to your mind is true, are you ready to deny your sense perception? If you dare, you are a rationalist.

  • Practise the truth.

  • Never any more impurity come over you. Die even now but don't impure yourself with impure thoughts.

  • I'm omniscient as I'm the Atman. Eliminate all things which obstructs in soul-manifestation.

  • Next : - I'm omniscient as I'm the Atman.

  • If there is nothing better to think about should I think about matter, should I think about other non-sense! No. I must think only the pure thoughts.

  • I'm omniscient. All knowledge is there within me. Absolute purity will bring it out. Staying pure always is like keeping yourself always ready for the best.

  • I'm eternal.

  • I'm Atman, I'm omniscient. Think of this day by day, believe it day by day, and you will get stronger day by day.

  • I'm suffering because of my thoughts. I'm suffering because I couldn't control my thoughts absolutely. My thoughts make me miserable.

  • I'm unchangeable.

  • My mind is a rascal, my mind is a devil. It's not fully under my control.

  • When you will realise that you are Atman, and that this body is just nothing in compare to the Atman, then meanness will vanish from your life.

  • I'm eternally pure; I'm eternally perfect.

  • When I says 'I'm', it is not at all this body. 'I'm' is Atman, and it's there in the body of Priyanka, it's there in the body of everyone I could see............and everyone I could think about....................

  • To make the best use of this body, to defeat the evil doers, I need to have a lot of muscle power. Moral power I have it. Sincerely I need to work to have great muscle power. Each day I need to grow a little bit. Do not keep this body in comfort. Make it an instrument of protection in this country full of criminals.

  • See nothing in others except Atman; everything else is just ignorance and Maya.

  • They are terrorizing me because they see me physically weak.

    And weakness is sin.

  • They are cowards. And cowards sin. So to prevent these cowards from committing crime is by making yourself physically strong.

  • However we may receive blows, and however knocked about we may be, the Soul is there and is never injured, because the soul is immortal, infinite and all-powerful.

  • I'm Atman (soul), the unchangeable, eternal Atman, the spirit, the living Christ within; and this Atman is all-powerful, it is omniscient. All knowledge is within me..................

  • Absolute mental purity---------------------go on thinking holy thoughts.

  • Not controlling the thoughts is materialism.

    I must control my mind every second. If I will not do it, I'm insincere and a hypocrite. I'm not fit to be a disciple of my Master. It's hard, extremely hard. But there is no way other than this. I must never let it get impure. It's pretty comfortable to let the mind go unfettered, unchaste and to think any non-sense it likes.

    Get out of this comfort.

    Work hard, work hard in controlling mind.

  • Now I'm struggling; struggling every moment to ignore the external world and to think about Atman only.

  • I'm Atman, you're Atman. And this Atman is One, absolute, perfect, unchangeable, unchanged. Therefore there is no difference between you and me. We are one.

  • Bold words and bolder deeds are what we want. I'm the spirit; nothing can kill me. I dare to believe in truth. I dare to practise the truth. And the truth is that I'm the Atman. And all other things are absolutely unreal like a dream. I'm the spirit whom nothing can kill. I'm absolute; infinitely pure, infinitely perfect.